Terms of Use

  1. Non refundable deposit required at the time of booking, no booking is considered fixed until the deposit has been received in cleared funds.
  1. Cancellations or postponements with reasonable notice will mean the deposit can also be carried over to the next available slot, if for any reason the studio is unable to deliver i.e. technical issues, then again the deposit would be carried over to the next available date.
  1. Should the session become interrupted due to mechanical or studio issues then only the hours charged up to the fault would count and any other monies refunded or carried over.
  1. A day session starts at 10am and finished at 6pm, if you are late in arriving the clock is ticking in your own time. As artists we can always get into “The Zone” and carry over, if the magic is happening then an on site discussion would be had with regards to charging for the additional time.
  1. The studio is positioned on a Farm, with livestock and other nearby offices, consideration for this working environment should be kept at all times. Noise going into and out of the studio is to be kept at a reasonable level. No antisocial behaviour. If this is not upheld, the studio has the right to cancel the session and not refund any monies.
  1. To record your works you must really ensure that you are as well rehearsed as you can get to be before coming in, you will find the experience much smoother and cheaper for yourselves. Our aim is to make you sound amazing and we are good at it!
  1. We do not master at Lenny’s but we can definitely point you at one of the best for the job.